I was rejected by another potential employer. Another impersonal, system-generated “go fuck yourself” email. This one is especially deflating for several reasons: the work sounded interesting, the work was something that I have not yet done, the work is something that I could very easily do, and the money was…. well, more than I’ve ever made.

Someone once told me an interesting, and accurate, analogy. A job search is like playing a slot machine. You ever sit down at a slot machine, pull the lever, and have an immediate payoff? Probably not. Not even if you’ve carefully researched the machine and met all of its requirements (not that slot machines have any requirements other than inserting money, but you know what I mean…). It’s a game of probability. The more I play, the likelihood of a payout increases. The more resumes I send, the likelihood of a job increases, right? After all, I’m only looking for one payout (although being able to choose from multiple payouts would be gratifying).

So, it becomes an exercise of brute force. Eventually, this will payout. It has to, right? I’m not so sure. Slot machines have no bias or preferential algorithms that determine which players win. It is a game of chance. And that’s where the analogy falls to pieces because life is not.

I will keep pulling until I can’t.