Matt Hostelley is Hostileart… photographer, writer, artist, father, husband, Clevelander, softball player, bourbon drinker.

This official statement is approved by Hostileart:

I consider myself to be a photorealist whose composition and style has modernist tendencies.  My work focuses on compositions that flatten space in an effort to create intriguing abstraction. My photography attempts to subvert the generic, formulaic and insincere elements that are pervasive in popular art.  My images are an exploration of a reality that challenges prevailing sentiments about art and culture.  My reality is captured in artistic presentations of subject matter that contains elements that are often objectionable, overlooked, and dramatic.  I present imagery that encourages the viewer to look beyond the obvious and sense the subtle; to sense what is there or not there.


Institutionalized is a series that explores a metaphorical relationship between stereotypical white-collar work environments and imprisonment.  In this series I compare the banality, isolation, and despair of an office worker to an individual who is incarcerated.  I attempt to make a connection between the corporate and correctional experiences in order to convey the similar impact that both situations have on the human condition.